Stream (Poem)

by Dave Rideout

I stared at myself
reflecting on the day
in the cold, glassy surface of
a stream years deep
but shallow just the same

I looked better or worse
based on how the light would change
so when lit up as the former
I touched a finger to my face

it rippled out like sonar,
and pinged against the banks
moving with a current
that pulled along my gaze

that’s when I saw the others knelt,
looking at themselves
sending their reflections
off toward the river’s mouth

on they’d go and out of sight
yet no one raised their head
they’d fix their hair or purse their lips and,
then they’d try again

the water swirled and clouded grey
a brine of them and me
a dull and uninspired soup
snaking toward the sea

an ocean from which we now must drink
that dries our tongues and numbs our taste
’til everything goes down the same
and stomachs growl for simpler days

Over & Over (Poem)

by Dave Rideout

over and over

and over
and over
and over

seconds, minutes, days
hours, weeks moreover


years over the shoulder
going, growing, gone

but wise?

different size
cold, hardened
still alive

scenes of murder round my eyes
flyers’ footprints, not the crime

but if i died
what’s behind but time?

withered wasted instances,
scattered to and fro, here and there
tocks and ticks

but is that it?

could i reset the clock,
go back a bit
change some things?
live with purpose –
not adrift?