Walk at Gould Lake (Photos)

Ange and I drove out to Gould Lake Conservation Area today and went for a short walk along the water. I recently joined the Board of Directors of the Cataraqui Conservation Foundation — the fundraising arm of Cataraqui Conservation, which oversees Gould Lake and a number of other lands — and thought it’d be nice to go snap some photos for potential use on our website.


Cicadas (Poem)

by Dave Rideout

rounded stones litter the street
downhill the lobbies are basements
courtyards of currents and coral
fishes checking the mailbox

tales of cold in the winter
some of the shape of the sun
shame in the eyes of the old ones
all keeping mum

year-long song of cicadas
in place of mechanical hum
overgrown cars on the freeway
stories of vines up above

whispers of our prior warning
murmurs of reckless neglect
shame in the eyes of the old ones
past of secrets

what happened to us?
those to come will ask
what happened to us?