In Over My Head Single Album Art

Songs I’ve made as a solo artist:

Everything, All At Once
In Over My Head
Sick With The Same Thing
You & I
Empty City

Download or stream a few of these songs: Sick With The Same Thing (Single), Empty City (Single), You & I (Single).

Songs I’ve made as part of Dear Love:

Stop Me
Don’t Miss The Brakes
The Only One

Here is a video filmed when we opened for Finger Eleven. Download or stream our album, Dear Love EP, and listen to the Dear Love EP (KSonik Remixes).

Dear Love was: Me (vocals), Shane Kippel (drums), Marty Doyle (guitar), Mike Barnaby (guitar/bass), Arash Tanzadeh (bass)

Songs I’ve made with Mike Barnaby as part of Fallen Flags:

The Motions

Songs I’ve made as part of Trial By Wire:


Download or streaming the full Trial By Wire LP on Bandcamp.

Trial By Wire was: Me (vocals), Marty Doyle (guitar), Neil McCormick (bass), Jay MacKinnon (drums).

Songs I’ve remixed and/or featured on:

Architekt – Nobody Breaks My Heart (ft. Dave Rideout)