Here’s another from Mike Barnaby and I—this time about runaway consumerism and the environment.

Happy (?) Earth Day…


amazon or the amazon
deliverance of a carbon bomb
delivery that is free of charge
convenience over living long

crude nets that are catching frogs
cardboard for a forest floor
peanuts paid for packaged goods

peanut-packed to protect our wants
from our neglect (from our neglect)
but what of things we need?
we’ll toss them out with all the rest?

clear cut with a click
work less, no consequence
clear cut with a click
pay less, no consequence

make history into history
cloak the facts in a mystery
river flows to a plastic sea
waters rise into plastic peaks

coral reefs, morals bleached for
whitened teeth, microbeads won’t
keep us clean when everything
has gone to shit

no life raft to protect our needs
from our neglect (from our neglect)
but what does that leave when
we’re rapt by thirst and out of breath?

no consequence?
no consequence?
no consequence?

think again