Nobody Breaks My Heart

In 2015, I randomly discovered a track called Nobody Breaks My Heart by Architekt — a UK-based duo of producers — while browsing Soundcloud. With the help of producer Kevin Pooler, I remixed the track and scribbled some lyrics and melody down to create this version.


you could call me iced over
couldn’t get any colder
if you’d stand on the ocean
a heartbeat in slow motion

i could take you where you’ve never been
and walk you out across a thinning
promise of something i’m not
even though i am all of your thoughts

every step you take im a little deeper
every word we say i fall out from beneath you

i’m scared to let you in
cause i don’t even know myself
but i know just what you want
and it’s pulling me apart

cause i told you from the start
nobody breaks my heart

once you’re down here with me and
the surface is frozen
don’t look back to where you came from
cause everything’s distorted

that’s when you start missing things
everything you could’ve been
instead you’re shivering and
i’ve already numbed

so much you may not warm me
and though you’ve had your warning
you said that i look lonely
drifting in the dark